Please stop witholding the world from the gift you have to give...

Don't sit on the big trunk of gold that is inside you.

It is time to share your gold!




Hi, I am Cat


An entrepreneur from Amsterdam
life & business story coach,
writer, blogger,
podcast host,
lover of life,
dedicated to helping you become the person you are intended to be.

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Do you need someone to mirror you?

  • Do you need someone to help you put things into perspective?

  • Do you want to know what you unique gift is, and how to share this with the world?

  • Are old stories and limiting beliefs holding you back to live your full potential?

Just reach out to me and book a zoom call to find out how to get unstuck and live your best life.

Get inspired


In my podcast I share insights, talk to inspiring entrepreneurs and always ask them what makes them feel rich, what moneymindset did they learn from their parents, what favorite books, music, podcasts and series do they have and who and what inspires them.

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In my weekly update I share my favorite books, music, insights, video's and lots more.

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On my Instagram account I share daily stories about my life in Amsterdam. I share my insights and crazy stories.

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What my clients say about the coaching sessions

"Very involved and pleasant coach. Your advice and tips are to the point, useful and practical. You just made my story a bit more catchy and personal without doing 'violence' to my own text. "

I expected an interesting meeting, and it was! Cat is a great conversation partner / side-kick, who really listens and knows how to bring things out very delicately and helps you to look at things from a different angle. She gives good, honest feedback. And it's always nice to hear someone else's vision. Especially if it's from someone I know is open to criticism and open minded. I felt a real connection and found the conversation very valuable.


By working with Cat you get a new and often better perspective on your story. Cat quickly grasps the core and from there to mirror new ideas.

I have experienced the coaching as super valuable. You often look at your own abilities and experiences in a certain way. It is very valuable if someone can take you out of that 'bubble' to have a different look at your possible problems and progress. Through your insights and knowledge I have learned that there is more than just my own voice that tells me how I should or should not do it. Especially how you could give that extra push to go to work instead of showing flight behavior.


Cat actively contributes to all facets of a change process and does not delay implementation. She is creative with solutions, dares to be vulnerable herself, to set limits, especially when things are not convenient. Cat can relate to others well and hold up a good mirror to them. These properties act as a lubricant for (change) trajectories ".

Dennis Nolte

I think Cat is an inspiring nice woman with knowledge who has helped me enormously to get my life back on track. This went in small steps but it has brought me a lot! She doesn't sell fairytales, is fair and I really appreciate that. Yes, just a big fat recommendation!

When you invest in yourself by helping me find your gold and spreading it, the world will become a better place.

Stop telling yourself old stories about what is not possible and start to find new stories and become the person who is potentially already inside of you.

Do not settle for less anymore and start living your best life. Because you will only get one.