About Cat

There are so many coaches in the world. Why would you want to work with me?

I was born on November 27th, 1971 in a small European country called The Netherlands. I have encountered many set backs, struggles and lessons on my journey to where I am now.

My native language is Dutch, that's what we speak in The Netherlands. I have learned to speak English in school, but I have a strong Dutch accent. The Dutch are known to be very direct. We don't do sugarcoating. And I am particularly good at telling it like it is. Realness and honest truth are extremely important to me. In my communication I use the four agreements as a red thread. So I try to be impeccable with my words, I don't assume, I don't take anything personally, and I always do my best. Taking responsability for your own life, being aware of your circle of influence and work hard an be nice to people are my basics.

People from other countries like the US love my view on life, and find it very inspiring. I believe strongly in only looking at what is there, not to what is lacking. I believe in abundance and in a positieve perspective on the world.

In August 2005 I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. I have never felt a victim of the cancer that is still with me. In the 15 years that I am dealing with cancer I decided to quit my secure job as an law firm secretary, I bought a house and sold it again, got rid of all my stuff and lived out of my suitcase for a year. I have lived in Spain, Belgium, Miami and Bali and returned to my main city Amsterdam in December 2019. I started to do coachingcalls this year since it is something that comes natural to me.

I am not a particularly spiritual person but my coaching is 100% intuitive and always serves my clients the way it should be. I have no influence on what is coming out of the sessions but my clients love my inspiration, my suggestions and the way I mirror them and help them see things clear and in perspective. I tend to ask honest but thoughfull questions and help to make way for people's ultimate goals in life.

Who do I think I am? And why am I the right person to help you?

As a multi potentialite and multi passionate my strength lies in combining all my knowledge and experience to help you as best as possible with what you need. My knowledge and experience is quite broad, it seems. But it's actually all about storytelling. About your story and how it can best be shared.

As a playwrighter, film and television scientist, I know everything about how to tell and depict a story. During my studies I took many literature courses and read a lot of books. As a result, I know how your story builds and keeps it interesting.

As a former bookseller, I also know how to sell a story. I have worked in various bookstores for a total of 10 years. In addition to selling books, I have been able to work as an editor on 13 books. In doing so, I mainly focused on bringing out the essence of the story that the writer wanted to tell.

As a blogger (since 2005) I have a succesfull blogging platform called De Rijke Girls, which means Rich Girls, I have gained a lot of experience with writing texts and blogging. The blog is about wealth, entrepreneurship and happiness. I interview inspiring entrepreneurs about what makes them rich. Writing and interviewing is now a piece of cake for me. I also write about various other topics and have written website text for dozens of websites. I like to help entrepreneurs to optimize their blogs and other content.

Because I have also worked at a photo press agency and have been photographing for years, I have a lot of experience in using photography for personal branding and social media. I have also been a web designer for a while and I love designing creative content for social media. If I had to choose between copywriting and making images, I wouldn't be able to choose. For me, those two are inextricably linked.

I have been active on social media from the very beginning, but I also followed all kinds of training courses to increase my knowledge of the various social media platforms. Together with Martijn Holtes from MountainPeaks, I worked for two years as a social media strategist and content creator for large and medium-sized companies.

Since 2016 I am hosting my own podcast called The Cat Colnot podcast.

My favorite platform is Instagram. Instagram perfectly combines my love for stories (storytelling), personal branding, photography and social media. That is why I prefer to help entrepreneurs to tell their story via Instagram.

I believe that every entrepreneur has a certain wealth or 'bliss' that can be shared with the world. I want to challenge and help entrepreneurs to show themselves and their wealth. What makes you rich and what do you have to share? I would like to discover it together with you.

Can I help you find your gold? Get rid of you old stories and create new ones?